The Great Easter Peep Heist


The great Easter Peep Heist

Easter’s coming up and I can’t stop thinking about the time that my uncle kidnapped an Easter Peep and traveled with it to Florida. Yes, you’ve read that right–my uncle kidnapped a Peep.

My grandmother had a weakness for the soft, sugary marshmallow Easter Peeps candies you find in stores around Easter. On this Easter weekend, no different than any other, my grandmother had gleefully gone through several packages of little Easter Peeps in the shapes of baby chicks and rabbits, and only one survivor remained–a little yellow bunny.

Not Your Ordinary Family

  Now before I continue, it’s important for you to understand that I come from no ordinary family. Descriptive words about our family range from dysfunctional to funny depending on your perspective, and most of my relatives have this in common–we live to joke around and find humor in things that for some might seem odd or eccentric. The best ways we know to show affection and love are through teasing one another (sometimes mercilessly), and there is no end to the humorous possibilities we will explore.

My grandmother’s youngest son has always been one of my favorite people. Only ten years my senior, he’s more like a crazy, fun-loving brother than an uncle. That Easter he was 23, charismatic and the one that we adored most. He probably wouldn’t have been considered an ideal role model based on his numerous exploits in debauchery, but I didn’t care. He was vibrant and hilarious, and I loved him.

It Begins

It was common for my uncle to drop in to see us often or live at my grandmother’s for intervals between his numerous “lifescapades”, and it was during one of these intervals that the Easter Peep Heist occurred.

The little yellow bunny was in the package, and my grandmother intended to have it. Just as she was reaching out to grab it and re-unite it with it’s other Peep buddies, my uncle snagged it instead. Oh, the look on my grandmother’s face- comic surprise and annoyance–still makes me laugh!

My uncle, whom we called him Scott then, informed my grandmother that she’d eaten more than her share of Peeps and wouldn’t get her hands on the last one. He proceeded to taunt her, making the little Peep dance and pirouette across the dining table, while my grandmother made repeated futile grabs for it while issuing a string of threats.

The Peep battle

In one semi-successful move after Scott made the peep wiggle it’s tail in her general direction while saying “Ha ha! Can’t get me!” in ‘Peep speak’, granny managed to snag it’s tail and eat it, mangling it a bit and causing it to be hilariously crumpled. Naturally, this egged my uncle on, and he kept making the Peep speak declarations of freedom between gales of laughter.

The next day, my uncle was going to Florida to stay or live for awhile (I can’t remember which) and announced to us that the Peep was going with him. My grandmother told him that the battle wasn’t over and that it would be best for Scott to sleep with one eye open if he wanted to keep the Peep.

Preserved peep


My granny Easter, 2009

My grandmother never did get the peep. The next morning, my uncle pulled out of the driveway in his little French Pujo with the Peep in tow. I have no idea what adventures the Peep experienced while in Florida with my uncle, but the funniest part is, six months later my uncle came back to my grandmother’s and presented her with the carefully preserved Peep.Apparently, the little Peep had “lived” in the car over the last six months and had hardened over time. There was no mistaking that it was the same Peep, given it’s battle-scarred look and missing tail. This, of course, produced fresh laughter to the point of tears.

The ‘Peep Heist’ Easter memory, like so many others, is unforgettable. It still makes me laugh, and I’m sure it’ll keep me laughing for the rest of my life.

Do you have a funny story about Easter like my Easter Peep Heist? Tell me in the comments! 

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