Blogging motivation is something every blogger lacks at some point during their career (or hobby if it’s solely to enjoy a creative outlet0. I’ve posted on various blogging topics to share nuggets of wisdom I’ve learned about blogging in hopes of helping other unseasoned bloggers benefit from my blunders and successes, and today is all about finding your blogging mojo.

Five Ways to Find Blogging Motivation


Here are 5 great ways to find blogging motivation

Part of becoming a successful blogger is posting consistently, but there comes a time when you’ll inevitably hit the invisible brick wall and lack blogging motivation. Sometimes you’re burnt out, life gets too hectic, or you’re simply exhausted and aren’t inspired to type even one sentence. Maybe a combination of these factors or others have halted your blogging flow. Regardless of the cause, there are several ways to help you get back into the blogging groove.

Here are 5 ways to help find the blogging motivation you might need:

Take a blog vacation

This might seem counterintuitive to finding motivation to blog, but taking a short vacation will allow you to recharge and leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed. I take blog vacations myself sometimes for a few days, and when I come back, I’m usually back to blogging full steam ahead for a few more months. If you’re afraid to completely abandon your blog for the time it takes to take that much-needed vacation, prepare in advance by scheduling a few posts ahead of time or supplementing with a few killer guest posts.

Read other blogs

If you’ve run into a dead-end with ideas and have no blogging motivation, read other blogs you admire and glean inspiration from them. There are so many amazing blogs in the blogosphere, you’ll surely find something compelling to post about.

Spark blogging motivation trying new things 

Perhaps you’ve blogged about a topic for a while, and you’re tired of the stifling repetition. Unless you are niche specific, don’t be afraid to switch things up and blog about your other interests, too. This will appeal to many readers who might like to know more about what drives you as a person and a blogger–especially if you are also providing helpful information. If you’re niche specific, explore different ways to blog about your industry, product, or business. In both cases, don’t be afraid to try video blogs (vlogs), podcasts, photo blogs, or one of many other blogging methods. A departure from the norm is often an ice-cold drink of inspiration for parched creativity.

4. Cull your archives for little gems of inspiration

This is obviously easier and more effective for more sizable blogs, because you’ll want a robust collection of posts to choose from to spark the blogging motivation you need. If you’ve totally run out of ideas and are uninspired to blog, go into your blog archives to see which categories might need a little more content love. “Blog mining” is certain to produce new ideas for great posts, or edit and expand on older posts to make them evergreen.

5. Establish a blog schedule

Recently I started blogging inconsistently– a trait common in sucky blogs–and I’ve decided to re-establish a blog schedule with designated daily topics to stimulate creativity and help me research and plot out my weekly posts. By doing so a few years back I created personal accountability, and because I knew what to expect, I had plenty of time to write ideas for the next week of posts. Sometimes the simple act of jotting down ideas in a notepad, on a sticky, or typed into your phone notes will help halt your waning blogging motivation.

There are so many ways to rekindle your creative spark and find your inspirational muse, but I’ve found those more efficient than some practices touted by self-proclaimed blogging gurus. Each person is different, so the above tactics might not work, and my recommendation then is to try mind-mapping or other structured techniques.

What blogging motivation tips would you add to the list that helped you out of a blogging rut? Share your tips in the comments!

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