Top 8 Ways to Get Your Life in Order and Start Feeling Like an Adult

Whether you’re 22 or 42, there comes a point in life when you say to yourself, ”It’s time to grow up.” It doesn’t matter when the epiphany enters your mind, but you want to be prepared when it arrives (and it will.) Here are some simple ways to start thinking with more of an adult mindset.

1. Organize Your Home

To start, get your home in order by keeping up with chores and getting into a regular maintenance routine. When things breaks, schedule repairs as soon as possible. Clean your dishes after every meal, and never let clothes pile up on the floor. The less your home looks like a teenager’s bedroom, the more adult-like you’ll feel every day.

2. Learn to Cook

Takeout is convenient, and it’s always fun to meet friends at a trendy restaurant. However, nothing says “independent adult” like a skilled home chef. You don’t have to be a master of fine cuisine to cook delicious meals. Start with a few basic dishes, look up instructional videos and recipes on the internet, and ask family or friends for help. Once you’ve enjoyed your meal, pack leftovers for your lunches and make healthy eating a priority in your daily routine.

3. Get Physically Fit

Keeping your body fit is responsible and makes you feel good. Don’t worry about becoming a ripped bodybuilder or undergoing a dramatic transformation. Just focus on activities you enjoy and make an effort to do more of those activities. Get your heart pumping with a 20-minute walk every day, and stretch your muscles in the evening before bedtime. Go on hikes, take a bike ride, or run around the park with your kids. There are plenty of ways to help your body get into shape without feeling tortured.

4. Earn a Credential

Do you feel stagnant in your career? Are you ready to take the next step and earn a promotion? Look up certifications and advanced credentials for your industry, and consider boosting your knowledge base. Even if you’re excelling in your field, there’s always room for growth and learning.

5. Track Your Finances

Along with getting your home and self on track, take a good hard look at your finances and develop a budget and stick to it. You might use a mobile application, computer spreadsheet, or a simple piece of paper and pen to help you stay on track. Regardless of what method you choose, start tracking your income and expenses to learn about your spending habits. Next, establish financial goals based what you want to achieve in life. Compare your financial goals to your spending habits and develop a practical budget to put you on track.

6. Invest Like a Pro

It’s never too early or too late to start putting money away. Though personal savings accounts are usually safe ways to store extra cash, they don’t grow much over time. Instead, consider investing your leftover cash in a mutual fund or try your hand at the stock market. Don’t enter the investment world blindly, however. Read up on basic investment techniques and research different markets. Companies like Fisher Investments reviews market trends, global economy outlooks, and videos on current financial such as technology, utilities, and finance to help investors keep up on trends.

7. Reconnect Family and Friends

Have you lost contact with siblings or other family members? Did you have a falling-out with a best friend over something minute? Consider reconnecting with people who mean something to you but something has come in the way of your relationship. If enough time has passed, the reason for the rift is probably cloudy, and maybe both can overlook differences that may no longer exist. Rekindling relationships takes time, so start slow. Don’t put pressure on anyone, but make it known that you’re interested in mending fences and letting the past stay in the past.

8. Be Nice to People

The most adult thing you can ever do is be nice to those you encounter daily. Stop the petty gossip and judgments, put all passive-aggressive behaviors to bed, and develop a sense of gratitude and compassion for everyone and everything. Treat others as you’d like to be treated and you’ll find you’re much happier with yourself.

Overall, take good care of yourself, get your finances in line, and work on developing strong relationships. It doesn’t take much to start acting like a “grown-up” and moving toward the version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to be.