If you recently started your own business, you may be brainstorming furiously to come up with new ways to keep your customers happy and how to convert leads into customers to bring them into your professional orbit. Harnessing the power of social media to attract new prospects to your products and services is an excellent way to do it, and it’s a medium you can’t afford ignoring.

Businesses need social media to thrive and grow


Social Media is a powerful medium for businesses to find customers and increase profits

Keep Your Customers Informed with Social Media

A good example of this is Clarence Gooden of CSX. He revolutionized his company’s use of social media by creating blogs, sending relevant email updates, and utilizing other tools to keep him top of mine with clients. Mr. Gooden also hosts a special eBusiness Customer Forum, an event pulling in 150 to 200 new clients per year.

Keep Your Customers Anticipating New Developments on Social Media 

The purpose of relevant social media alerts is to inform customers about the workshops CSX hosts to keep them informed of new and developing CSX products, and these workshops have proven wildly successful for the company. By keeping your customers in the loop on social media, your company can attain similar results.

Social Media Keeps You Publically Relevant 

A timely use of social media keeps even the oldest, most well-established companies in the public eye, giving both new and old customers a fresh perspective on the role these companies plays in the industry. Rebranding of one’s corporate image isn’t a bad idea, either, and social media helps facilitate and makes the transition easier and happen faster than traditional media outlets.

Social Media is Crucial to Reputation Control

If you or your company suffers a scandal or severe setback, there’s no better way to control the damage than on social media. It’s important for you to realize and accept the general public’s perception of this crisis will be critical. If you win the public over, you’ll likely survive the crisis, and if not, your business might not recover.

Using The Web Wisely Generates Profits for Savvy Businesses

Knowing where and when to post on your company blog and update on social media isn’t an art, but it does require a little research. There’s a thin line between keeping customers in the loop and annoying them with too many updates.

Social Media Keeps Your Business in the Public Eye

Research, analytics, and experience show customers forget about you quickly if they don’t hear from you regularly, and you’re losing business to competitors in the industry from the neglect. The world revolves around “What have you done for me lately?” whether businesses like it or not, and it’s important to keep this in mind when implementing your social media strategy.

Using social media properly keeps you relevant to the public, minimizes the risk of exposing yourself to negative attacks from competitors or detractors, and helps your company thrive. Social media is a direct connection to your leads and customers, and when used wisely, the rewards may be boundless.

About the contributor: Jerry Lockley is a huge fan of social media, and is a social media assistant to a number of CEO’s. He loves to share information with businesses on how to improve their presence and generate leads and customers to make higher profits by using social media properly.

(A note from me: Social media is a powerful medium, but it is essential to your business to engage and remember the humanistic part of the experience. Brands and companies who simply automate marketing and ignore or neglect to reply to leads and clients are ultimately less successful. Although we’re working on a virtual platform, making connections is easier when your clients feel appreciated). 

Are you a business owner trying to understand the complexities of social media? Tell me your struggles or ask questions in the comments, and I’ll answer each one individually in a clear, concise manner to help you. 

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