If you are thinking of getting into the world of vlogging, that’s great! It’s a fantastic way to express your creativity, and if you are looking to promote anything like a business, or your views, it can be a great way to gain followers and to connect with like-minded people, especially if you are incredibly passionate about something. But if you have been thinking about doing one, do you know where to begin? And do you know how to get a sizable following? If not, read on, and get inspired.

What You Need

The basics for a standard vlogger are a video camera and editing software. You can get many different types of editing software, and if you are looking for something snazzy, you will have to pay top dollar for it, but for the standard straight-to-camera vlog, there is plenty of free software you can find online. When it comes to the camera, they all have a microphone attached. But depending on where you are filming, it could interfere with your sound quality, such as outdoors or in a place with lots of background noise. Investing in a lapel microphone will help eliminate such problems.

You need the right tactics and tools to enter the vlogging arena

You need the right tactics and tools to enter the vlogging arena (Image Credit: Flickr)

What You Want Your Content To Be About?

This is such a vast question, but if you are looking to create a vlog about something, then it must be something that you are passionate about, have a wealth of knowledge about, and something that you are willing to research into further. A common mistake people make when it comes to setting up a vlog is that they are too vague in their choice of topic, or they want it to be all-encompassing and cover many different things, which means you will spread yourself too thin and not get a decent following.

Choosing a topic that is close to your heart, whether it is about politics, tech problems or what you had for breakfast (if you eat something that is very far away from the norm), as long as you are passionate about it, you will engage people. Many stand-up comedians talk about spending a long time attempting to “find their voice,” i.e. understanding what it is about themselves they want to communicate with the world, and this is the same.

How To Market Yourself

No matter how long you have been vlogging for, you can always hope to get more people to reach out to. How do you do this? There are many approaches you can make. But it boils down to firstly, creating good content that people will come back to. Secondly, making your vlogging page an attractive one that will intrigue people to “peer in” which can be done incredibly simply with making your banner more sexy by using a program like channel art maker. And, finally, by being more inclusive with your followers, by either reaching out via social media or by collaborating with other vloggers or bloggers.

Vlogging is a great way to express yourself, and with tactics, tools and total understanding of your content, you will go on to create a great vlog.