Many people mistakenly assume that running is the only workout that burns off a high amount of calories.  Although running is a favorite exercise for many, it’s not for everyone.  If you’re looking for a workout that can burn calories at a high pace while treating your body to overall wellness at the same time, swimming might be the perfect option for you.

Swimming is a high-calorie burning workout


Do you thinking swimming is a better overall workout than running?

Is running really a nightmare for your body?

Jogging can be an absolute terror for joints and muscles…in certain situations.  This is especially true for those people who begin running when they are overweight.  Walking alone is hard on your joints when you are carrying more than 10 extra pounds on your frame.  Taking it up a notch to running only heightens the potential damage to your joints.  Stress fractures are also a very real possibility for those who are running overweight.  Your bone’s and muscles can’t handle too much too fast.  If you are dead set on running, start extremely slow and stop at the first sign of pain.  On the other hand, swimming is literally a match made in heaven for those carrying around extra weight.  Not only are you working off a significant amount of calories…your bones, joints, and muscles will feel little to no stress.  Because of the lack of gravity, you can swim for hours without causing a fraction of the damage running might.

Your entire body gets more of a workout with swimming vs. running

Wanting our entire bodies to benefit from our fitness routine isn’t an unreasonable request.  If you’re going to put the time and energy into working out, you definitely want all your major muscles to benefit.  While running can give your legs and back end a terrific workout, it falls a bit short on the upper portion of the body.  Swimming gives your arms a chance to strut their stuff while fighting against the water.  Your arms and shoulders will receive a terrific sculpt by swimming on a regular basis.  The rest of the body is definitely not left out due to the range of motion swimming requires.  Twisting, turning, kicking and scooping all use different muscles and it shows.  A swimmers body is almost always lean and well muscled.

Swimming lets you take your workouts to the next level in a smoother fashion

Although you might start slow, pushing your aquatic workouts to the next level can be a lot more enjoyable than you would imagine.  While running requires a great deal of time and effort to increase speed and endurance, swimming lets you transition to your goals a bit smoother and faster.  Because you are taking all of that pressure off of your joints and body parts, your body copes with a more challenging workout in swimming much easier than it would on the road.  Combine your swimming with a diet packed with nutrition and you’ll have a thin and toned body in no time.

About the contributor: Dakota Heim is an aspiring young author with an obsession with diet and exercise. That’s how she found herself involved with HCG Diet, and comparable sites, that extend her range of knowledge on health.

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