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Enter and List Monthly Contests & Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to spoil our readers, and Like a Bump on a Blog accepts contests links to make it more fun to visit, so freely list or enter weekly and monthly contests here. If you’re listing, add your link and giveaway description to the list to expose it to a large, receptive audience.

I am incredibly active on social media and promote this list daily. If you’re here looking for great contests to enter, browse and enjoy! If you add giveaways, list the prize in place of your name for more clicks and traffic to your contests. 

list giveaways and contests

List your giveaways or enter a few here

This list is updated frequently, so make sure you add the giveaway end date. If no end date is added, I will delete it automatically. I like to keep the list clean so nobody is clicking links to giveaways that are over. Also, no giveaways that have strings attached (i.e. Buy my product and get this FREE _____). All giveaways must be giving away an item without trying to sell someone on anything. 

Happy adding and entering! I wish everyone MUCH success! 🙂 

Find more of the best places to list or enter contests here 

Where do you love to list or enter your sweepstakes? Send me ideas if you have them! 

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