Make Money with Blogs & Social Media

Places to make money for blogging and/or social media (some require no blog, and that is indicated)

Best Buy Bloggers

Linkvehicle Earn money by posting pre-written or writing your own posts

Linqia Looking for unique storytellers (unique is debatable since I blogged about feminine products 6 times: BLOG REQUIRED)

Blogher/Sheknows Accepting moms, dads, and now open to Canadian influencers (NO BLOG REQUIRED)

Social Publi Bilingual platform that pays for social posts (NO BLOG REQUIRED)

Webfluential Different campaigns yield different payouts
Socialix (Mixed social only and blogging campaigns)

Izea (Bid on social and/or blog posts) BLOG NOT REQUIRED BUT RECOMMENDED

Blogdash (paid post opportunities) BLOG REQUIRED

Tapinfluence (social media opportunities, NO BLOG REQUIRED)

Influence Central (Blog required)

iConnect (Blog required)

Social Fabric/Collective Bias (Blog required and they are selective, preferring original photography and great storytelling)

I’ll add to these as I gather additional resources and discover new ones

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